Will you make my paintwork perfect?

No, we don't make that promise, and we believe it is silly to even try. What we will do is make your paintwork much better than it was.

From watching our videos, or other people's videos, looking at the photos of professionals or amateur enthusiasts, you might get the impression that every car is polished until the paintwork is smooth as glass without any blemish or imperfection. In an attempt to show off their work, the industry might give the false impression that we do something that we generally don't.

Why shouldn't you aim for perfection?

The main reason is that it isn't cost effective. You will get diminishing returns for polishing a car, and so a few hours might get a car to 95%, but it will take many, many hours more to get it to 99%, and you'll probably never get it to 100%.

We look at the Facebook groups, and we have seen examples where people have shown off their work, and it is amazing. And they have said that they charged a lot of money to do it. But then you hear it took them a week to do, and when you start working out the numbers, they are actually earning very little per hour, which is why many of these guys go out of business. They are putting in a lot of work and grossly undercharging, they have to, because who can afford to spend £2000-£3000 to have a car polished? The occasional Arab Prince or YouTube celebrity will, but there really aren't enough of those to go around.

And so, we would like to stay in business, and we'd like you to be able to have your car polished for a sensible price.

Another reason is that perfection really isn't achievable, and it can't be maintained. The more perfect and highly polished you make a car, the more it shows every mark, including just fingermarks.

Most cars will have picked up a few deep scratches and stone chips, and usually the best you can do with these, is reduce them, and for the vast majority of people, this is good enough. They will still be impressed, and still go away happy, feeling good about their purchase.

If you are a perfectionist, and you really want your car looking 100%, about the only way you can do it is to have your car totally resprayed and in the meantime learn to polish cars yourself, then you can put in hundreds of hours chasing the dream. You may think we are being facetious, but we know people who have done it, with candy-coated cars, with cars with high fleck metallic paint with twelve coats of lacquer. They love what they do, and the results are magical.