How do you prepare a car for polishing?

We will first inspect a car for damage and see if it is suitable for polishing. Not all damage can be polished out, so any scuffs, scrapes, dents, cracked or peeling paint will have to be dealt with first. Some might not be cost-effective repairs for a bodyshop to do, so they will be marked for cosmetic repair if that's suitable.

At this point we will also identify any issues which can be polished out and mark them down for special attention with paintwork correction.

Then we clean the car thoroughly, we will use a detergent strong enough to strip off any wax which might be hiding issues with the paintwork.

We will then clean the paintwork to remove natural or industrial fallout such as tree sap or metal partials. Typically, a claybar will remove this kind of contamination, but if the contamination is heavy, we might need to wash the car down in special solvents to remove them.

At this point, we inspect the car again to make sure we have noted everything, and then we can begin masking up any areas we want to protect.