Do I need an end of lease inspection?

You don't strictly need one, and the vast majority return their car back to the lease company without one. 

However, we strongly recommend having your own independent lease car inspection because it puts you back in control.  Besides, you get us on your side, and we are here to save you money.

We will inspect your car to the BVRL standard, which is the industry standard. We will then provide you a report, similar to that done by the lease companies. This will tell you everything that you are likely to be charged for.

You can inspect the car yourself and there are various checklists and guides for doing so, but it can be hard for the layman to spot some issues, and harder still to be an unbiased judge as to if they fall under fair wear and tear.

It is also the case that you don't need to do everything. The biggest mistake we think people make is actually spending far too much money by getting everything fixed and ensuring their car is immaculate.  It may actually be the case that you can fix a few small things and leave the big things and still fall under the threshold of charges.

In virtually every case, we are able to save our customers money, but that isn't the main reason most keep coming back to us. What people really want is peace of mind, knowing that once they hand over the keys (both sets) that it is done and dusted, and they aren't going to get a surprise bill a few weeks later.

An additional benefit is that in the rare case that the lease company makes a mistake, they have their own report which they can use in evidence in any dispute. 


Written by Danny Argent. Last updated 16/06/2022 15:51