What happens to cars at the end of a lease?

Typically, what happens is a driver will come to collect your car. They will have a look around the car and note any obvious damage, this is normal now for all driver/collection/transporter companies, and is not the lease inspection. The car is usually then taken straight to a car auction where a lease inspector will thoroughly check the car and note any damage, missing items, etc. 

Based on the report from the lease inspector, the lease company will then decide if you will incur any recharges. Hopefully your car will be under the threshold, and you won't receive a bill. But if you do, you will be sent a copy of the report which shows you exactly what you are being charged for. 

Generally what they charge you is fair, but often people are surprised by the cost they incur.  Things they expect to be expensive are cheap, and things they expect to be cheap are very expensive. 

In our experience, disputing the charges is not likely to be successful unless you have evidence that the lease inspector made a mistake.


Written by Danny Argent. Last updated 16/06/2022 15:51