How clean does a lease car need to be?

Your lease car needs to be clean, it does not need to be immaculate.

The exterior needs to be clean enough so that an inspection can be carried out, which can't be done if the car is covered in dirt, because that can hide dents and scratches.  But don't go getting any ideas, that you can leave the car dirty and accept a recharge for a clean and avoid penalties for dents and scratches. Lease inspectors are very diligent and will find it all. 

The interior needs to be reasonably clean. It can even be a little dirty, the question they will be asking themselves is, does it need a professional valet? If the answer is yes, then they will give you a recharge for that. 

Vacuuming your car, should be sufficient unless you have been getting in the car with muddy boots on.  If the car has muddy stains on the carpets, has lots of dog hair, ANY evidence of ash from smoking, or has stains from spillages on lighter carpets or seats, then you may wish to consider getting your car professionally cleaned inside. 

Stains on seats and carpets are not acceptable, and it may be worth trying to remove them with a damp cloth or upholstery cleaner. 

Regardless of how clean your car looks, if it has odours, you will likely incur a charge. 

Written by Danny Argent. Last updated 16/06/2022 15:51