Get a touch-up paint

When you first get your lease car, get a touch up paint. If you pick your car up from the dealership, you can ask them to get you one through their parts department -- which may be the most expensive way to do it, but is easy. Or you can go to a motor accessory shop and get one. Most like Halford's have helpful staff who will help you get the right one. You can even buy them online now.

They don't cost much, usually under £10, but could save you a lot of money!

This is due to the way that the lease company, when they assess the end-of-lease inspection report, and the way they classify certain kinds of damage. 

A stone chip on your bonnet, or some chips in the paintwork along the door edges, are fairly minor.  However, chips do tend to go deep and can fall under the classification of 'broken paint'. 

Paint protects the bodywork, which is largely metal, and exposed metal rusts. There is nothing that kills the value of a car quite like rust. And so 'broken paint' is serious, even though a chip in the paint is generally minor.

This can mean that you could get charged a panel price for repair and repaint on a door, which could run to hundreds of pounds. All because of a few little chips!

The touch-up paint often comes with a pen or little brush, which is supposed to make it easy to apply accurately, however, some people can still struggle a bit, but don't worry too much if you don't do a perfectly neat job. It can be wiped off with thinners and redone. It is better to do it poorly than not at all, but if you struggle with eyesight or shaky hands, you could always pay a youngster some pocket money to do it. 

Written by Danny Argent. Last updated 16/06/2022 15:51