Get some mats

This one especially applies to the ladies! If your car doesn't come with mats, get some. If it does come with mats, you may even consider, taking them out, putting them in the boot and getting a cheap set.

A cheap set of mats can be considered a disposable carpet. You can buy a generic set for £20, and you may be able to get a fitted set for around £40. And they don't have to look awful.

Why would we suggest this? Because if you are driving your car a lot, the carpets can get a lot of wear. If you are a tradesman, and you are getting in and out of your car with muddy shoes or boots on, this dirt and grit getting into the carpet, causes additional wear and can be difficult to get out. If you often have muddy boots, you may consider rubber mats.

We used to repair a lot of carpets which had cigarette burns in them, but we see that less often since vaping became a thing, but we still repair plenty of carpets which have holes worn through them by high heels. Men's shoes can wear through them too.

The other option, of course, is to get yourself some comfy loafers for driving in. But if you do drive wearing high heels, we strongly recommend getting a good sturdy mat, even if it's just one for the driver's side.

The cost of a mat set is far cheaper than the cost of a carpet repair, and certainly less than the recharge for a carpet, which would usually run to the full price of replacement. 

If the car mats are looking dirty, you can take them out and wash them with a pressure washer at your local self service jet wash, so you can avoid the cost of paying a professional to shampoo your carpets. If they get too bad, you can just throw them away and get another set.

While we are on the subject, if you are using the boot a lot and putting things in there that my cause damage or dirt, it might be worth getting a boot-liner, or at lease carrying some plastic sheeting.

Written by Danny Argent. Last updated 16/06/2022 15:51