Why do you want to Krytox my rubbers?

Convertible roof rubbers.
This is a lot of neoprene, and every inch of it matters. It isn't just the rain it has to contend with, it also needs to be able to cope with 70mph winds (assuming you stick to the speed limit.)

All cars leak, we know this as we specialize in leak detection and repair. Convertible cars have far more points where they can leak from, and that's why they have a reputation for being leaky.

You may have noticed that your convertible isn't just the normal saloon with the roof cut off, it is a very different body shell. There are no door pillars, no window surrounds, and there's probably a big trough at the back that the roof folds into.

When you put your hood up, it latches into position above the windscreen, the windows press up against rubber seals. Even that is not enough to keep water out, those rubber seals often have channels in them to disperse the water away, so it isn't sitting above your doors and windscreen or forming puddles in the rear scuttle.

Soft-top rubber seals
All these complicated shapes keep the rain out. It only takes a bit of dirt or for them to get bent out of shape, and you could end up with leaks and a stinky car.

If these rubbers become dirty, so they don't form a good seal, or with age they become compressed, water can sit on them and leak past them, and before you know it, you have a car that smells like a swamp. Your windows will steam up, the car smells of mildew, and then you start getting electrical problems because moisture gets into the wiring.

If your convertible is having problems with the roof motors or electric windows, this may be why.

Therefore, we offer a service where we flush through all the drains so that they don't become blocked with leaf litter and dirt, and we clean and recondition the rubbers using a product called Krytox.

Krytox rubber conditioner is expensive stuff, but we have never found another product like it. It conditions the rubber and neoprene, makes it soft, plumps it up, and if age has made it compressed and out of shape, it will spring back to its original form. Unless the rubbers on your car are so old that they have cracked and split, it makes them new again, so it is worth the cost as this is much cheaper than buying and fitting replacement rubbers, which are often only sold in complete kits which can run into many hundreds of pounds. Not to mention the cost of removing the smell of mildew and drying out the car.

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