Can I put a ceramic coating on my windscreen?

Professional ceramic coatings can be applied to windshields and windows because they are optically clear and very hydrophobic, making the ideal glass coatings, although we do not recommend it for the front windscreen because the water, unable to cling to the windscreen, instead clings to the windscreen wiper causing an effect which some people find annoying. Thus, we recommend having all glass wear coated except your windscreen, but you can have it done if you want to. 

Not all products marketed as ceramic coatings are real ceramic coatings. Some are just wax sealants that contain ceramic beads, and are riding the marketing hype. These products may contain lots of silicone oils in order to get the hydrophobic effect. This type of product has been around for far longer than ceramic coatings, and were previously used for hiding scratches on older cars by diffusing light. An oily product with light diffusing properties is the last thing you want on your glass.

We highly recommend getting your windows and glass wear ceramic coated, because when your windows look dirty, your whole car looks dirty. Although your windows might only take up 20% of your car's surface, every professional car detailer knows that if you clean the windows, you make the car look about 60% cleaner. It's also safer to have windows you can see out of, but if you really like your car looking clean, a ceramic coating on the glass is well worth paying a little extra for.