Are there any bad ceramic coatings?

Yes, there are bad ceramic coatings. We have tested products that we have not been happy with. Some products are formulated for supply to dealerships where skill levels may not be as high, they are easy to use, but we have had reason to doubt their effectiveness. We have also had salesmen admit that their products are designed to give the impression that they are ceramic coatings, when they are not.

Since ceramic coatings have become popular, some manufacturers of car care products have added ceramic to their sealants and called them 'ceramic coatings' in order to cash in. A retail product with ceramic in it is not the same as a professional ceramic coating.

Brands that are producing quality ceramic coatings, generally control who is permitted to sell it as a service. They will vet the agent, usually provide a training course and certification. So, anything you can buy online in a kit is dubious. Only buy genuine products from authorized outlets for reputable manufacturers.

Ceramic coatings are a high value item, with professionals paying £50-£350 per 50ml bottle. Unsurprisingly, this makes it a prime target of counterfeiters and online scammers.