When should I get a ceramic coating?

The best time to get a ceramic paint protection is when the car is brand new, before it has a chance to age.

If your car is already beginning to show signs of ageing with wash marks, dull paintwork and a few scratches, all these things can be rectified by a car detailer who can use paintwork correction and machine polishing to remove them. The best time to get a ceramic coating is as soon as possible.

You can get the coating done any time you want, from when the car is new or from when you get it, or even if you’ve had it for a few years and decided on keeping it for a few more years. Basically, ceramic coating will protect the condition of the paint work as well as having quite a few other benefits.

We usually recommend people have a ceramic coating if they are going to keep the car for a few more years, or certainly at least one year. Along with doing a few other things like cleaning regularly, it will help you maintain that new car feeling.