Why do you offer your own warranty on ceramic coatings?

We offer our own warranties on ceramic coatings because we have confidence in them, and it makes life easier for everyone. It also means we can make the warranty transferable, which is in-line with all our other services.

When you buy a ceramic coating from us, you can fill out the paperwork or scan the QR code and register your warranty with the manufacturer, but should you ever need to claim on that warranty, the car would come back to us anyway as we applied it. We pride ourselves on our customer service and keeping our customers happy, so we want to address any problems the customer might have. You don't need to go through the manufacturer or their UK agent, just bring the car straight back to us.

For the record, while we have fixed many cars under warranty, these have always been because the manufacturers have called us in as troubleshooters. In the 35 years we have been in business, we have never had a warranty claim on any car we have done.

What is a transferable warranty?

Our transferable warranty stays with the car, so if you sell the car, the car will still be covered until expiry, and the new owner gets the benefit. They don't need to register or notify us of a change of ownership, as we have the car logged in our system.