What is the ceramic coating application process?

The first step in a ceramic coating application is to assess the car. We will machine polish even new cars in pristine condition, as polishing will improve the finish. However, even new cars direct from the showroom usually have fine scratches, wash marks, swirl marks and even damage which needs to be addressed. Cars that have been transported by rail may also have industrial fallout. We will figure out how much machine polishing needs to be done, and how many paint corrections.

The customer is then informed, given a quotation and if they agree the price, we can proceed.

We will then thoroughly wash the car in detail which will include clay, and then we inspect the car again just to ensure there is nothing we have missed. We then carry out any paintwork corrections to buff out any light scuffs and scratches.

Next we machine polish the entire car. With new cars we use our two stage system, with used cars, we typically use our four stage system.

With this done, the car is wiped down with alcohol in order to remove any oil residue from the polishing compounds. The car is then inspected a third time to ensure there are no holograms or buffer trails and that the car is satisfactory under harsh lighting.

Once the car is approved by a supervisor, the ceramic coating can be applied. Depending on the product, we will apply the different coats according to the manufacturer's instruction.