Is it worth polishing my car?

We recommend having your car professionally machine polished, and then sealed with a coating to keep it looking shiny.

If you have a car that is a few years old, it is only when you park it next to a new car that you notice the difference. Your car will collect microscopic scratches called wash marks. There may also be a hazing of the paintwork caused by oxidization which causes a milky, semi-matte effect. Although there is nothing obviously wrong with the car, it just doesn't look as new.

Polishing can remove the oxidization, and the fine scratches, making your car look like new again. A professional can use random orbital polishers with ever finer grains of polishing compound to put a high shine on your car without introducing polishing marks, which are very fine scratches similar to wash marks, but caused by polishing. A skilled professional car detailer can leave your car shinier than when it left the factory.

Once your car is polished, we recommend coating it with ceramic, graphene, diamond or similar products to seal in the shine, reduce the need for washing and resist wash marks.