What is a diamond coating?

We have to start by saying that our product actually contains diamonds. There are other products on the market with diamond in the name, because the marketing department decided that would be a good idea for a product that is tough and clear. It's like diamonds, but not actual diamonds.

We also have to say that the diamonds used are synthetic nano-diamond rods, made in a factory using Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD), specifically for the purpose of being an additive to coatings to make them stronger. We are not claiming that you should pay a premium for this product because we use only the highest carat diamonds, ethically sourced from mines in Africa.

Industrial, aggregate diamonds are not an especially rare, exotic or hugely expensive ingredient. Diamonds are however tough. Until graphene was discovered, it was the toughest substance known to man, and on some metrics still is.

The purpose of adding diamonds to the product, in this particular case, stems from the fact that they are nano-rods. That is to say, they are fibres and have length, and so they are designed to work in much the same way as when glass-fibre is added to fibreglass. Like graphene, diamonds are composed of carbon, meaning graphene and diamond are carbon coatings, as opposed to ceramic which is a quartz coating