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Andrew Nisbett

Water has managed to find its way into drivers side of car after leaves managed to block up the drain hole under the battery in the scuttle area of the car - or at least that's what I was told,. This ...

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my car was damaged by water in brisbane australia up to there machine and fuse box when i switched to on just the mcahine is running but not starting there is no power in switch board and front board ...

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Travis Lauria

Okay, I went though a automated carwash today and then drove about 5 minutes to a store. When I got out of the car I noticed chips on the windshield, lots of chips, maybe 50 or so. Then I also noticed ...

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Neil Marren

From Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. 3 months ago a 2 litre can of white gloss paint fell over in the back (inside) of my Hilux, it fell off the back seat into the rear foot well, splashed up the back ...

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i have a water leak to behind my drivers seat. I can come to yous if your in Chelmford Model: boxster

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Russell Williams

Please can you advise, My car has suede heated seats , the front passenger seat has been urinated on, and although there is no visable stain there is a strong odour which I think will get worse if the ...

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Hi Read your interesting article on flood damaged cars. Considering buying a flood damaged Aston Martin as a long term project to keep. It has been in an underground garage, flooded up to and ...

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paul harrison

I noticed my black car was covered today in rain drop sized spots on my bonnet,roof,bootlid and down one side of the car. However after washing they are still there.They seem like minute drops of bird ...

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Mr. Michael T. Catney

I suffered a heating oil spill in the boot of my car 4 weeks ago. I have tried unsuccefully to get ride of the odour. Do you have an outlet or an associate in Northern Ireland who may be able ...

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I'm thinking about buying this 2006 wrx. But, it has flood damage done to it (that's the only given information because the auction does not know how deep, what kind of water, etc.). Right now, there ...

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