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Mark Robinson

Hello, I have a few dents around my door handle although i'm told they cannot be done by getting behind the panel because strengthening bars are in the way. There are 2 above the handle and 2 below, ...

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Troy Haynes

How much to repair this dent on the bonnet? My location is East London E8 2NW, thanks. Model: Renault Clio

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Mansoor Khan

Car rare panel dent and a minor scratch. Which i have already fixed. Can you remove this dent? I live in Luton. Model: Hyundai coupe SE 2004 2.0

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Terry Ward

Can you remove the dent in my nearside door panel, cause dby young thug kicking the car door. The paint is not broken but the crease/dent runs diagonally upwards (right to left) across most of the door. I ...

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kevin brand

can this dent be repaired with smart repair Model: vauxhall corsa

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linda duffield

Is it possible to repair a dent on the sill of a car and if so which method would be used. Model: vauxhall astra life

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Dean Wilson

Hi, can you give me a quote please. See attached photo. Thanks Model: Land Rover Discovery 3

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Joplin Kimme

Hi, Could you please give me a quote for repairing this dent to my car - please see attached photos. I am from Addlestone, Surrey Model: Audi TT

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Deon Lazarus

I recently bought this car but there are a two or three small dents on the boot lid and two or three door bumps on the passenger door and drivers door. I do not want to send this to a repair shop as ...

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Ludovic M

How much would you recommend it would cost to push out this dent with PDR procedure? There are 2 dents the Major dent being on the bootlid of the car, and the second smaller dent is just under the T ...

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