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Robert Hall - Chartis Insurance

Dear Sirs, Following of from our conversation yesterday morning, please find attached images of our client’s vehicle. As you know our vehicle has been subjected to 4ft. feet of what we now know ...

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Debbie Smith

My Mazda leaked because of drain holes being blocked, that has been fixed but I can't get it dry. How much would it cost for you to do this and how long would it take? The seats are leather so they seem ...

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Shahid Ahmed

Hi, it is flood car don't know what kind do you know what might be the problem it does not start. Model: 2010 Mercedes gl450

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Patrick Bate

Hi There, I was wondering if you could tell if you have come across any other Skodas (Fabia in particular) with a condensation problem. I purchased my car December 2013 from a private seller on ...

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Steven Halligan

Hi. Just bought a 52 Plate 3 door cliio and yes it has a terrible leak. Front footwell is soaked. Is it likely to be the sunroof or are there other common causes as well. What sort of price ...

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I got flood damaged nissan 2009, not starting, wat is da solution Model: Nissan/navara

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Linda Ashken

Car flooded by high tide on road near river yesterday. Car drivable but wet. Have fully comprehensive insurance but Swift seems to be struggling to find someone to do it.. First garage refused. Next no ...

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we have just emptied the eqivilent of a full mop bucket full of water from the foot well behind the driver seat. we are trying to dry the c ar out. We are now having trouble with the electric including ...

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barry o toole

i have a problem with a wet carpet on the drivers side of my peugeot 207 on front of the drivers seat and the carpet isnt wet at all near the pedals etc.. I had a good look around and no sign of any leak. ...

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Rowena Bristow

Hi I have rain water getting into the footwell on the drivers side of the car! I have taken it to my local garage who have sealed around the footplate/pedal saying that this is a common fault with vauxhalls ...

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