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Andy Kerr

On return of a car following end of a personal lease plan Mercedes are attempting to charge for a roof respray for what they claim is an area of bird lime damage. They argue that this constitutes 'industrial ...

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Alphonsus Beaton

I am from Scarborough Ontario. i leased a car that spends more time in the garage than i do driving it . there has been nothing but trouble with the standard transmission ..i leased a new car so that ...

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Ian Armitage

I have a couple of small scratches, minor surface scratches, a small stone chip/dent a very small top of door repair that I need to put right for return of lease on 26th April. I also need a valet service ...

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melanie macbeath

We had a car on lease and it was collected from my mums house as we now live in Canada. We knew there was a dent and had no problem paying for this but my mum was told that she could not be present at ...

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Angela Green

Hi, I am returning my lease car very soon but the two back tyres need replacing, can i put part worn on or do they have to be new and also do they have to be the same make as the original ones? Thanks ...

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Robert Helliwell

In March 2007 i leased a Mazda 3 over a 4 Year period.Can you tell me if I'am leagally bound after completing half the term lease by returning the vehicle to the leasing company.Also would there be any ...

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John Bailey

Would the damage on the following rear off-side door be chargeable? if so what should I expect to pay to rectify prior to sending the car back. I believe the chip is down to base coat/primer. I live ...

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Sarah Parker

We need to hand our car back following the end of the lease. The alloy wheels are scuffed pretty much all round the sides from scraping the kerb when parking so we need to get them repaired. How much ...

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tracy byrne

I have just returned my lease car and received a bill of £850.00. This relates to 2 x scuffs- alloy wheels ay £45.00 each Cigar light element. - Personally, we do not recall having a lighter when ...

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Hi, I am an Essex County Council Employee, and I was referred to you from the lease car service. I have a scratch on the right front bumper of my car, and I am wondering if a Smart Repair can ...

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