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Clive Taylor

I have several small(ish) stone-chips on my company car bonnet courtesy of a cement mixer spraying the road ahead of me with the remnants of it's load (please see attached photos)! Whilst I was able to ...

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Nick Hammond

I live in Tunbridge Wells. I need to hand back my CLS after 3 years. I need to replace all four tyres (245/45/17) and I also need to refurbish the alloys (nothing major - mainly kerb damage to rims). ...

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Neil Purves

Dear Clean-Image, I have been looking for somewhere here in Belgium to clean the interior of my lease car for the last couple of days but all seem unwilling to take on the task of REALLY cleaning. ...

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Please see photo of bumper. Does this damage require to be repaired to meet the fair wear and tear standard and if so can you give us an estimate and a contact number nearest to BN25 2QT. Many thanks. Model: ...

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Iain Scotter

In Buckinghamshire. Lease return imminent at end March. Corner post damage to rear bumper assembly, please see pix attached. Can you help, please? Model: Vauxhall Vectra Estate

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David Bowyer

Due to hand car back, tiny dent in door where another car has banged their door into it. Just dent no paint damage. Will it come under fair wear and tear? Thanks Model: Peugeot 206

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Joanne Green

Dear Sir/Madam Please can you inform us of the charges we should expect from a leasing company for the chip in zone a of the windscreen. The chip is smaller than a £2 coin and can be repaired. Thanks ...

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I am in dispute with Mercedes following the return of the leased vehicle. I agree with the damage to the wheels but the bodywork was , in my opinion no more than wear and tear on a 3 year old vehicle. ...

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Rupesh Thomas

Can you please look at the pictures i am uploading and advise me whether the scratch and the dent will be considered as fair wear and tear. The PCP on my car is finishing soon and i am returning my car ...

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martin jones

Can you let me know a) whether this damage will pass fair wear and tear policy on lease car. b) how much you will charge to fix the scuffing to alloy wheels and paint score in the attached photos. ...

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