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Julian Dent

Can you remove the dent shown on the picture. I know th paint is damaged, but I can get that touched up once the dent is out. I live in Berkhamsted Herts (HP4 2PA) Model: JAguar XJ8

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Mike Daborn

Are the dents shown in the attached repairable or at least is it possible to remove most of them please? Model: Volvo V70

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Nick Waller

Someone hit my car while parked. The damage is just on the front wing. I'm trying to weigh up whether to put it through my insurance, or save my excess. Can you let me know if you can repair this, ...

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Ross Wilkinson

The pictures show one obvious dent (within the wheel arch) and a less obvious dent/crease above this. What type of repair would you recommend for these? Also, the damage has appeared to cause the ...

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Dilesh Lalloo

I scraped the lower part of both kerbside doors on a low metal bollard as I was going around a corner. there has been a bit of paint scratching, but not down to the metal, so I'm hoping I could use ...

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B mahmood

leyton, east london 1st photo, middle of passenger door, a drunk kicked it, managed to get the bulk of it out, but left with small dings... 2nd photo, small dent lower drivers door(b4 i got car) 3rd ...

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Sanjay Patil

Hi, I got some minor scratches on my back side door while parking today. Got stuck with the parking pillar. Please can you provide me a tentative quote. Model: Honda Jazz 2004 Model: Honda Jazz ...

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Mark Birks

I thikn the car was reversed into by a car with a towbar as the dent is concave and about 2-3" long. It has creased at the top revelaing bare metal where the paint has flaked off. Obviously I need ...

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Anoop Giani

As you can see from the uploaded pic attached, I would like to get an estimate as to how much and long it would take to repair/polish out the scratched abrasion on the body work of the car? East London ...

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Dan Lloyd

Car taken to a bodyshop, who claimed there was denting present. However, we can only feel scuffing of the paintwork Located in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex Model: Ford Focus

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