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paul brindley

can this damaged be repaired and at what cost car damaged by person unknown on car park this car is leased by me and will be closley inspected when returned next year Model: mercedes 220 cdi sport

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Phil Nicholls

Hi, I have a number of little defects with the paintwork on my Land Rover. I am not trying to get it perfect as it is a 2002 model and no-one expects miracles on a 4x4 but, as I am going to sell the ...

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andrew kerr

hi my name is andrew kerr, im enquiring about the cost of repairing my Peugeot 107 5 Door Hatchback registration number LF10YHU. my car was parked when i was shopping then when i came back i was the ...

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I have got mercedes c200k elegance 2002 there are small dent on rear bumper , less than 5 scratches and a less than rugby ball siza of scruff on front bumper how much does it cost with interior valeting? ...

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Matthew Rogers

Could this be fixed and if so how much? Its about a 6 inch dent in the front door pannel, not deep at all also a couple scratches on the dent, i live near Darlington County Durham. Model: Vw Polo 1.0e ...

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Majid Mahmood

Hi, Ive read a lot of recommendations for the work you have done and I hope you can help me. I have a 2002 Mercedes CL, which is stunning apart from two rust bubbles which is beginning to show only ...

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Kevin Sorrell

Can you give me a rough idea of cost to repair this dent. I'm in Winchmore Hill, North London. Model: Lexus IS200

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Andrew Millar

I scrapped the above car in the car park the other day when I was pulling into the car park. Images attached. Can you give me an idea of cost to repair? Model: Vauxhall Vectra

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James Middleton

I have had an accident and scrapped down the passagers side of the car, while trying to park in a car park against a post. I hope the pictures are good enough for you to get the idea about the sort ...

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Carl Macrae

Hello, I have incurred some parking damage to the front diffuser/ base of my bumper from hitting a very high kerb. This has caused scrapping along the base edge the of the bumper (around 2 feet in length), ...

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