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Abie Maunders

The girlfriend decided to clip a gate and carry on driving causing this mess! I am guessing a smart repair is out of the question lol I know its going to be painful but still hoping to avoid claiming ...

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The bonet of the car has a slight dent which needs smoothing. The front bumber has a small crack. I am in West Drayton, UB7. Please let me know how much it will cost to repair. Model: Ford Mondeo ...

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Darren Scott Robertson

Hi, I have attached images below. Need some paint work done. I scrapped my car against a bollard which has chipped the paint and produced a long dent. I live in Little Dunmow, CM6 3GL If I could please ...

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Rachel Romain

Hi there, Hope you can give a good quote for this! 10-12" scratch on wheel arch, from scraping along the corner of a yellow brick wall yesterday. Seems about 2mm deep. Whatever you can do to ...

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Daisy Mpofu

Hello, Please advise me a quote to fix the attached scratch. My location is Cheetham Hill, Manchester. Thank you Model:

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john jee

can you repair a crack in the top of the front bumper 3" long split impact Model: mercedes e200

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A jee

1. Drivers side affected in two separate incidents (no one else involved - while reversing) 2. Scratch on Bumper and dent on drivers door 3. How much would it cost with and without insurance (£200 ...

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Rebecca Wells

I have a 3 inch scratch on the drivers door and a 2 inch scratch on the boot lid. Both v obvious because of the black bodywork :( Can you do home visits and what roughly would the quote be please? ...

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john scott

clk 200, silver, bottom of car door scraped by young lad on a scooter leaving small indentation and two scrape lines approx 8 cm. edga edge of top half of door slight scrape line 4 cm. panel rear of ...

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derek morton

Got this horrible dent/crease on my bonnet, something pretty hard got thrown up by a lorry and bounced of the bonnet! About an inch long and he paintwork is damaged. What do you guys think about a repair? Model: ...

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