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Robert Dibnah

I am registered disabled and about to change my vehicle from VW Golf to the above . I was asked by the Motability Agent at the dealers if I would like the Lifeshine protection which included the free ...

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Antony Green

Hi, I have just purchased a car and had the car prepared with Diamondbrite (from ford). I have just got three scratches (not down to paint)on the bonnet and was wondering if normal techniques can be ...

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Ian Cadwallader

I purchased the car brand new 6 months ago, at the time I never gave paint protection a second thought, thinking that regular washing and waxing would keep it looking good. However, I have recently encountered ...

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Hi Keirans email dosn't work, [email protected]! I'm buying a Ford S-Max from gates of Dunmow, it about 10 months old, they say they can apply the diamodbrite treatement. Would I have an ...

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Michelle Seabourne

My car was supaguarded by the Citroen garage I purchased this from. However my car has been in an accident today and will need a re-spray etc on the left side. How do I fair with the Supaguard guarantee ...

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Steve Baird

I am picking up a new car in September, a black one. The dealer has tried hard to sell me a-glaze, but no thank-you, prefer to get professionals to do the job. Reading forums and web sites I am confused ...

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Dave Persell

Who are you? I invented Diamond Brite Paint Sealant in 1987 in Lansing, Michigan USA. Did I ever sell your product? Did I ever license the name Diamond Brite to you? I look forward to your reply. Dr. ...

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michael anthony

hi, ok i am considering the autoglym lifeshine treatment on my mazda 3 sport. my car is about 6 months old. should i clay the car before the treatment? should i do anything else before the treatment? ...

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Yogesh Jandauria

Hello, I am interested in the Supagard Paint Sealant & Interior gard. What options do you have, or there there just one? Please could you confirm price of Packages & contents of aftercare holdall. Thanks ...

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Dipan Shah

Getting delivery of Approved Used Merc from dealer on 4 October. Dealer has offered Supaguard protection for exterior paint, interior leather and alloys with 3 year warranty for £300. What is your ...

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