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Robert Shread

I backed into a brick wall at work. Unfortunately on top of me doing it in the first place the bricks had a textured face and so have made lots of little scratches rather than a scuff that could be polished ...

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mark strachan

my car is red with a red roof , the roof is ok but looks as if it could do with a freshen up to restore its richer red colour how much would this be ? i live in Benfleet so would it be better to ...

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I am intrested in buying this vehicle and its damaged a bit. I would like to know how much it would cost me to straighten the back wing it also has damage to the boot lid but am more concerned about the ...

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Chris Atkari

Hi guys. I have question for u. I'm looking for a good buffing machine for my shop in Hungary. I had before a Porter-Cable in the US when i was lived there. Now i try to find a place to buy it here in ...

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Sean Anglin

Is is possible to polish out light scratch on rear panel and what is approximate cost Front on photo and side shot attached Model: Mercedes E series Estate 2001

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Scott Painter

Hi, I am travelling from Birmingham to near you for a few days break. You seem like a very professional customer focused company and your prices seem very reasonable. I was wondering if I could get ...

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Ernie Pocock

The offside rear door and side panel has monor scratches after being attacked by a supermarket trolley, photographs attached. Please advise best rectification and estimated cost. I live in Reading Berkshire. ...

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rob chandler

Hi,I bought the car in January of this year and it's my pride and joy! It looks great bright sunlight I can see those dreaded swirls and light scratches and would love to have them removed.Now ...

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Ms Liliana Baker

My car was scratched last Friday and it look like a key scratch as it is not deep. I have seen several of your videos and very impressed with the job you have done to minimise the scratches! I need ...

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Nicholas Wheeler

I have a few stone chip marks on the Bonnet of my car and a couple of them, due to the use of a pressure washer, have started to peel and I was wondering if this can be touched up at all or will it be ...

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