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Luke Davidson

Hello, My question relates to a paintwork/cleaning issue with my wife's car. Recently the neighbours have had building work done and the car got covered in a film of cement dust. My wife didn't notice ...

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i recently purchased a prius,and have a 3 year super gaurd product.i have notice a yellow mark on my bonnet wich wont come off,what can i do? Model: toyota prius

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I am looking to sell the car and want to make the scratch look less visible. Please give me your absolute cheapest quote for this as if it is not worth me repairing i will just have to sell the car ...

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Antony Griffiths

I have two vandal scratches, one on the bonnet and one on the rear panel driver side. Neither of the scratches are down to the body work but it has taken the paint away. I need to know the best thing ...

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Sumeet Sadhwani

Hi, I have two bird droppings on the bonnet that have etched the paint. How much will it cost to fix this, and how long will you take to fix it? I live in NW London, close to junction 17 on the M25 (Northwood), ...

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Jack Urquhart

I bought a black 2011 Ford Escape about 1 month ago. After washing it about 3 times at the "touchless" car wash, I noticed a swirl and holograms just on the front driver side door. I've had a black ...

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Luiz Cattonbi

Hi, 2nd part of the email (this is 3 out of 4). Images attached on the very first email. Regarding the paintwork in the rest of the body, I would like to have to whole car polished as there are a few ...

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Paul Whick

I have solvent damage to the car bonnet (either bird poo or brake fluid). Damage is the size of a 5 pence piece but right in your face! I am attaching two pictures. The full bonnet picture has a five ...

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sabra chapman

I have a red Vauxhall Corsa (S reg) which has really faded, it needs a re-buff, how much would this cost? I only need a re-buff no inside valeting. Thanks (I'm in Essex so would run the car over to u ...

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Steve Smith

I have a standard red Citroen C1 (58 plate) which has quite a deep scratch running nearly the full length of the roof (looks like it may have been caused by a key). Is this something your service would ...

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