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Peter Pope

Hi my name is Peter I'm from Clacton on sea, I am the proud owner of a recently purchased Mazda MX- 5. There is some damage to the paint finish at the bottom of my driver's door, about the size of a 10p ...

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Paula Smalley

Please could you provide me with a quote to repair the scrape to my front bumper (nearside). It was scraped against a rough concrete post. There is no break/crack to the bumper, just scratches, some ...

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Andy Robbins

I have dent damage from the seat belt to the door card on my classic Saab 900 - the cards are made of rigid foam and coated with a leather look vinyl material. Is this something you could repair? ...

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Hi i have a 57plate frozen white FORD FIESTA ST Rear bumper got hit ... there are a few chips need repairing ... no dents or anything this something you can do at my home In ilford ...

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Can you please quote on 2 cigarette burns Model: ford fiesta

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Heya, How much would it cost to fix this? Pretty much my car rolled into this BMW at a very low speed and the owner and the BMW garage is saying that the whole bumper needs replacing. Obviously I just ...

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Simon Price

Hi I spoke to you earlier about a key scratch and a dent in the bonnet of my golf, you suggested sending some images of the damage. From speaking to you it seems these could be difficult to sort out perfectly ...

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Jonathan Ormerod

I have damaged the leather look finish of my vehicle's door close to the window. The attached photo shows a small tear that was caused by winding the window down whilst a sun screen was attached. Is ...

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I need a touch up to a bumper scratch. Please see photos. I already have the paint. Model:

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Steve Twin

Guys, See attached photos, Can you repair this as I have a photo shoot coming up for a magazine article? I had a small scratch on the top of the N/S quarter panel. Tried to compound it out using ...

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