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Dino Laudato

Hi, could you provide an estimate for fixing the bumper scuff in the photo. Do you travel to the car, which is located in east herts/Essex Model: Honda S2000

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Matthew Rose

I have a 2008 Astra with around 4 holes left in the dash where an unwanted hands free kit is. Can you please give me a rough estimate of how much it would be to fill these holes? Many thanks Model: ...

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Lesley Watts

Please can you help me? I managed to get my car caught on a piece of protruding metal whilst reversing (don't ask!) and have damaged the plastic bumper. The damage is like a tear or rip in the plastic ...

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Felix Zhu

Just bought the car, with this old mark. Can you fix it, rather than go to a body shop? And how much for the job? Thanks. Model: Audi A4

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From Dudley, West Mids. Basically someone has taken a disliking to the front end of the car! It were parked on the car park at the local train station, and by the look someone has reversed out into it. ...

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Zahir Nuckchady

Due to heavy snow and a slippery road, my car refused to stop and bumped in a wall. The bumper has been damaged. Please refer to pictures attached. I would be grateful if I can get a quote for the repair. ...

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David Farren

Is it possible to fix this i reversed and scrapped with another car which had a bit of metal poking out of it. I am in westyorkshire Model: Ford Fiesta

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how much will you charge for this scuff repair? and when can you do it? please see the photo Model: mercedes benz c-class

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Steve Auckland-snow

hello I am from Aylesbury so it about 1 hour drive to there... there is scratch on the side door all three panel door, rear,back and small on the driver wing as it felt is a key being scratch all ...

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Laurent Lemberger

Hi, could you please advise if you are able to improve / remove this key scratch on the back flat part of the boot? It was previously very poorly repaired (bad paint colour match) and I used a product ...

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