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Can you repair this damage on the inside panel? And how much would it cost? Model: BMW 318ci

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Based in Milton Keynes. Scratch in leather by passenger footwell. Scuffed and bumpy leather - by rear passengers side wall below the rear window. Model: jaguar xk 2006 (new shape)

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Leigh Alam

John Gilligan

Scratches on passenger door by window and in glove box area. Color of car is Mineral Gray. Would like to know where or how to get them fixed. I live in Middletown, New Jersey. Model: 2011 Hyundai ...

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jeffrey hamerslag

hi i am interested in a quote someone has keyed my car on the front bumber and rear driver door what will it cost me to get it repaired thanks Model: smart car

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m rankin

the plastic around the left side of the casing where the gear sitck is in my bora is broken. its pulled away the whole way round the passenger side. its been there since i bought the car a few months ...

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hello, my question is: i have a big hole on the carpet of the car on the driver side what can i do to repair it myself or find where to repair it in london. i am in london Model: peugeot 308

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Eve Ulrich

Beige interior vinyl dashboard front of glove box has a 7-8" long surface scratch - any options I can do myself to minimize this? Anything I can buy over the counter that might help? If not, would I ...

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Bimal Pradhan

I have small dent as a size of 50p coin and 1 inch by 1 inch scratch on left front door. Please tell me about the repair cost. The plastic front bumper has srcatch mark. will it be cheaper to change ...

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jozef dymond

i got cut up by someone yesterday and went into the back of them my passenger side light is broken, and my bonnet has been dented and bent inwards. Also on the back panel there is a small dent that ...

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