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Bryan Baker

Hi, I own a Dax Rush ex factory showcar in black gelcoat (not painted). Dax are generally considered to be one of the best kit suppliers for the quality and thickness of their panels and even unpainted ...

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im intrested in starting car valeting how would i go about doing it and do i need insurance Model:

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cleaned all the seats in the car did what it said on the can, but has left a ring mark around one seat where its dried. tried a few times to go over this with more spray and water and scrubbed!! but ...

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Kyle christmas

My car is covered in swirl marks and faint scratches and therefore wondered how much it would cost to remove these and which option. Thanks Rotherham s63 area Model: Renault Clio

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Niall Mc Carthy

Hey Pro's! I just wanted to ask you guys where can you get the "odour go" fogging machines?? I would be delighted to get a response! Thanx again,Niall (Ireland) Model: N/a

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Steve Thomas

Hi, I need to remove some 'sticky pad' adhesive from my dashboard. What is the best way to remove the sticky pad without leaving a white smear mark on the dashboard ( Black Vinyl)? Model: Alfa Romeo ...

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Matthew Mackenzie

After the 3 year period can I wax and clean my car as usual or do I have to apply any product first before I wax the car Model: Honda Civic

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Michael Scattergood

My car seats are very dusty looking and have some slight staining, they are fabric centre with side leather trim. I have tried steam clean and upholstery foam but have not got the result I want. Can ...

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Adrian Cox

I have tried to remove stains from my car roof lining (light grey colour) but it as left behind water marks. Would have any ideas of how to remove the water marks without possible making the mark bigger? Ihave ...

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James Miller

Hello, I've just recently purchased the car and I believe the previous owners had animals and essentially the interior could do with a complete clean. I am not concerned about the odd tear or scratch ...

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