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Michael Haywood

Hello, Whilst transporting several blacks sacks of household rubbish to the local dump in the back of my Zafira one of the bags leaked some kind of putrid liquid over the backs of my fold down back seats ...

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I have just had my car professionally cleaned, although they have told me they used a water vacuum cleaner after shampooing my interior - they soaked my seats!! this was on monday and not with is wednesday ...

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Rita Looker

On Christmas Eve I spilled milk in the well of the passenger side and also on both front seats - I tried bicarb of soda and also vinegar, neither worked so I had the car valeted by a professional who ...

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Jean McDade

I was transporting a kerosene heater in the back of my van , and it leaked on my carpet and now the whole car smells like kerosene. I've tried baking soda , vinager and stanley steamer odor remover and ...

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Russell Atherton

Recently my interior smells musty everytime I get in it. The driver's seatbelt when extended feels damp, so that might be the source. What needs to be done and where might the leak originate? Is there ...

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James Newton-Brady

Hello New Again, Me and my wife have just bought a second-hand Suzuki Jimny and there is quite a strong dog smell in it - not urine or anything just 'dog smell'. I bought it thinking it would be relatively ...

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Ian McCargo

Hi, my car has a leather interior and there is a smell of cigarette smoke that I can't get rid of. I've already tried a standard valet. Can you please let me know roughly how many hours work it would ...

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peter doggett

I am thinking of purchasing a car that has previously had dogs in it. I am severely allergic to dogs - if I go into a car or house with one in it I swell up like a balloon. With a complete full interior ...

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Dan Murphy

Hi, I bought a used car today, however while driving home I could smell something odd. upon further investigation I found a childs beaker under the front passenger seat with the reminants of what appears ...

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john conboy

Hi ,three weeks my local body shop remove some interior window tint .This left a stubborn residue of glue .They used thinners to remove this but I still cannot get rid of the smell despite ventilation ...

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