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Hi, just bought the above vehicle and there are about 10 minor scratches along with the usual stone chips etc. None of them are particularly deep but a little too deep for Autoglym. Can you advise if ...

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Willoughby Caston

Hi, I am interested in the paint correction service. My car has several stone chips on the bonnet and some slight scratches around the car. There are also some poorly done (by a garage) touch ups around ...

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guy nzanza

I would like to prepare my car for sale. As you will notice on the pictures; the bumper has a dent and the paint cracked, it needs to be allined on the right back wheel. The passanger front wing is dent ...

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Ian Biddle

Although an "M" reg this car has only 60,000 miles on the clock, but the exterior is slightly scuffed and scratched and has a couple of small dents. The interior is in good repair, leather seats with ...

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Skip Fahrholz

Hi, two quick questions: 1. See attached damage to my door panel. Can this be repaired and how much would that cost 2. Can you replace BMW interior trims (if I provide the replacement parts)? Meaning ...

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Basim Barakat

Can you have some competant and reliable who can do repairs on leather upholstery in the car? And scuffed alloy's? Cracked vinyl dashboards? 2 small dents on body niether are deep or have broken paint. ...

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Tim Jameson

Hi, I've used New Again previously for dent removal so after my car had been hit in a collision I thought of you guys. My rear bumper has been hit on the drivers side corner, no cracks or anything ...

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Matthew Turk

Hi, I'm in East London near Docklands on the A12. I'm looking to sell my car in the next few weeks so need to repair a few scratches and damage to the paintwork. It's 7 years old so you would expect a ...

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James Naish

Hi Steve, as per our tel conversation please find attached a series of photos to explain what I would like done on my car. The car is 5/6 years old and I have always tried to keep it in decent condition ...

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i have a few scratches on my 2 front wheels that i want repairing, also i have a small hole in my bumper and was wondering what the prices are roughly (range). Model: Ford focus

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