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I live in stock got a dent on the wheel arch the paint is coming off, but i only really want the dent out. Can this be done and how much? Photos attached Model: ford focus titanium

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Hi how much to fix this at london at home thanks Model: FORD FIESTA

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Christopher Wentworth

I have a dent in my drivers door near to the botton of the door, it looks lioke someone has ridden into it with a bike and the tyre has dented it. I have attached picture to show it is hard to see but ...

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I have a dent the front right wing of my A4, it's a small dent and would like to know if it's possible? There are also a few faint scratches but they don't require any attention. I'm in Bexleyheath, ...

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Adam Jones

Hi i have a dent in the door of my car from where someone reversed into me. i have attached photos, although the dent is quite large the paint is not broken and i dont think it has creased the metal. ...

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Damir Jovic

Please provide a quote for the repair of this dent. There's also a very small one on the bonnet, size of a 5p coin, if you can give a rough idea on the cost of the whole job, that would be great. Many ...

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Alex Winship

Hi, Have a dent with cracked paint on front passenger door from someone else's car hitting it sliding in snow. Also have small round dent on roof / side panel. Please can you let me know individual ...

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Mr Anil Patel

Sharp dent in door (I suspect someone else opening their door into mine), appears the paintwork has not been penetrated but the crease has caused slight discolourisation (white- about 3mm) Can you ...

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Simon Ellis

The dent is about the size that might be made by a golf ball but I'm not sure of the actual cause. The main issue is not the size but the location. As you can see from the pictures it is high on the ...

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jonathan kitchen

Can you fix this dent and how much ?The paintwork is unbroken and i am in billericay. Thanks Model: mk 5 golf

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