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Chris Franklin

Hi there, Can you please quote for the refurb of 4 wheels. These are split rim. They were refurbed 6 months ago by the garage that I purchased the car from. However, they only repaired the rim leaving ...

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Dave Westwood

i live in the east mids M1 J30. On the 3 cars there are small dents (50p sized) which i don't see any problem. On the corsa there is a dent on the bonnet which may prove a little more difficult. size ...

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Jamie Davidson

Good Morning These alloys used to be on a SEAT Ibiza until they were badly damaged by a severe pot hole! Im looking to see if it is repairable. I should have taken another photo as the rim is split ...

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Can you repair this alloy, how much will it cost, and when can it be done? I live in Braintree Model: Vauxhall Vectra 2003

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Sergio Victor

I live in Portsmouth and was wondering if two of my wheels are repairable. The front one is buckled, rear is scuffed. The wheels have a polished lip-dish, not chrome. Can these be repaired? Thanks Model: ...

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Lorraine Mackenzie

I can forward photos if you need to see them! The alloys have corrossion in and around the centre. Can they be refurbished, will they have a matt or original finish. How long does it take and what is ...

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Scott Anderson

HI i from bolton and have a set of ford 3 15" rs7's diamond cut, the laquer has started peeling of and i was wondering wether you can refurb then back to the original diamond cut surface,and what would ...

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Spencer Adams

Hi just enquireing about having my porsche GT3 split rims refurbished totaly as the lacqure is peeling in side and the tires go down after a week.theres no curbing to them and the face of them are in ...

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andrew stone

I have a 3 year old xkr with some scuffing on all 4 wheel rims. assuming average damage, please advise of the approximate cost (I do not have time to take photographs!). Also there is a dent made by ...

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I have cratched/ scuffed on alloy, so wanted to know if there was a way to fix it, the scratch is more like surface scratch rather than a deep one. Could you let me know if there is anything that can ...

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