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Martyn Hyde

1. What size class do you place the above car in for the Lifeshine treatment. 2. How long would you need the car for to carry out this treatment. 3. I live about 3 hours away by car Model: Mercedes ...

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p holbrook

i had my car supaguarded 2yrs ago when do i need to polish it my self or what options are there for me to avoid this task Model: audi a4 tdi 55plate

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martyn rodmell

I have just ordered my new car and it is coming in june. I am having diamonbrite applied. The dealer said it will take 24 hours to full apply it. Is this normal, bearing in mind it is only an a6 avant. ...

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Peter Chow

Just after a quote for paint sealing a new car that I'm about to buy. The dealer is asking for a ton of money for doing SupaGard on it. Just want to find out if they are trying to rip me off. I live ...

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grant bramwell

can you polish over supaguard successfully? thinking of using autoglym ultra deep shine as the car is black. There are swirl marks but how do you tell if they are under or ontop of the supaguard? last ...

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mark pinder

hi just wanted to know if you do supergard for caravans many thanks mark from watford Model: swift caravan

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colin Brown

The prious is the second car that I have had supagarded; I was not very happy as I bought the car new and when I went to pick up thr Prious it was not ready and was waiting to go in to have the Supagurd ...

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hi, i have cleaned car with a waterless cleaner & two hours later applied a ptfe sealer. The weather hazy sunny ,about two hours after finishing the sun went down & car was covered in water droplets. Do ...

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Jim Richards

Hi As an old guy who still thinks that the loss of the starting handle was a step too far along the road to technical innovation I need all the help I can get and I got that help from Danny .I just ...

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David Smith

Will the Supergard treatment protect against Bird Droppings Model: golf - new

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