Autoglym Ultra High Definition Ceramic

Autoglym Ultra High Definition Ceramic

Autoglym is one of the most trusted names in car care, and Ultra High Definition Ceramic Coating is the most durable product they have ever created.

12 month hybrid polymer coating with ceramic which gives exceptional shine and keeps your car looking immaculate all year around.

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Autoglym was founded in Hertfordshire in 1965, making a line of products for automotive professionals. Their products were much sought after by the public, so in 1986 they released their retail line. Today, Autoglym are one of the best known and most respected names in car care products.

Autoglym Ultra High Definition Ceramic



Containing around 10% silicates and a blend of waxes and polymers, UHD is a "semi-permanent" ceramic coating which bonds to your paintwork and provides a protective coating for up to 12 months. This makes it more durable than a wax coating and a happy medium between permanent ceramic coatings. 

Unlike our other coatings which are for professional use only, UHD is more forgiving and available to the general public, meaning you can buy it online or at your local automotive store. Having said that, it is aimed at the enthusiast market and requires a large amount of prep and controlled conditions in order to get superb results, which is what we offer in our packages. We clean and clay the paintwork, then buff it to a high shine with our two stage polishing system, giving you a mirror finish which is topped off with Autoglym Ultra High Definition Ceramic Coating. (We encourage you to read the FAQ on the Autoglym website for more information).

If you enjoy cleaning and maintaining your car yourself, Autoglym UHDC is a great solution as it work great with the other products in their range including UHD shampoo, and you can even apply Autoglym Ultra High Definition Wax over the top for extra shine and protection. 

  • Durable polymer and ceramic coating lasting up to one year.
  • A wonderful shine which makes your car easier to wash.
  • Compatible with a wide range of Autoglym products. 
  • Ideal for people who may only be keeping their car for a short time or not yet ready to commit to a permanent ceramic coating.

Used Vehicle Prices

For used cars 2-3 years old. Price includes double machine polish, clay bar decontamination, exterior detail, panel preparation, and two coats of Autoglym Ultra High Definition Ceramic.

Additional Machine Polishing Scratch Removal Paintwork Correction

  Vehicle Size UHDC
Small £325
Medium/Small Sports £370
Executive/Sport £400
Large Sport/Large Exec/Small 4x4 £450
XL exec/ People Carrier/4x4 £525
XXL Luxury/Commercial £610


Additional Nano-Coating Prices

Leather Interior Nano-Protection £120
Fabric Interior Hydrophobic protection £120
All Vehicle Glass £120
Wheels & Exhaust High Temperature Nano-Coating £120
Hood Hydrophobic Nano-Protection £240

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