Car Paint Spill Clean-up

Car Paint Spill Clean-up

This service is set up specifically to deal with paint spilled in cars. Removing paint from carpet and seats, quickly and efficiently, so a crisis doesn't turn into a disaster.

Every spring we get calls from people asking, 'how do you remove spilled paint from carpets' or 'Can you help, a whole tin of paint went over in my boot'. So we set up this emergency service especially to cope with extracting wet paint.

Paint Spillage Removal

In virtually all cases, the sooner we can get to the spillage, the cheaper it will be. In the case of paint, it is much easier for us to remove before it dries hard. If you have a spillage of any kind, we recommend you call us right away for advice, and don't try to clean up yourself, as this can sometimes make the problem worse.

The only thing to remember is that these problems are almost always easier (and cheaper) for us to deal with if we can get to them quickly. We treat paint spill accidents as a priority and will try and fit you in as soon as possible.

Paint Spillage Package - £500

This package gives you three hours of labour with machinery and material costs included.

As long as the paint is still wet when the car arrives here, we can clean up around 50% of paint spillages for £500. If however, your car is more troublesome, and will require more work, at the end of the three hours we will have stabilized the situation, meaning it will cost less in the long run. At this point, we'll provide a video report with an estimate, so you can decide if the cost will fall within your excess or if you want to involve the insurance company.

Accident Clean-up - Prices

Local Area Clean - Savoury £95.00 per hour
Local Area Clean - Unsavoury/Unsafe £120.00 per hour
Specialist Products & Materials* £15.00 per hour
Specialist Machinery** £40.00 per hour
Dismantling/Fitting £95.00 per hour

*For specialist products such solvents and enzymes. Normal materials/sundries are included in the hourly rate, eg detergents.
**For specialist machinery -- high pressure, high volume hot water and steam, including waste disposal.

Do I Claim on my Insurance?

We recommend calling your insurance company, telling them what's happened, and what you intend to do. If things start to get expensive, then you can make a claim, but there is no point in claiming unless the cost is going to exceed your excess. 

I spilled paint several weeks ago, and it's dried, can you still remove it?

If the paint can't be cleaned off, then the parts will need to be replaced, which is what your insurance company would usually do through their body shop. However, we can try to remove it, and if we can, we might be able to save you some money on replacement parts, which is worth considering if you don't want to make a claim.

I have spilled exterior gloss, and it stinks of paint fumes. What can you do?

Spirit-based paints are much more difficult to do, thankfully they are rarer these days. But we can still do something, we have cleaned them up. It requires a lot of solvent to remove them, and then we may need to treat the car to get rid of the smell of paint solvents.

I am too far away from you, what shall I do??

Read our article giving advice on what to do in case of a paint spill, keep the paint damp, and try to find a trustworthy detailer or valeter in your area who has an extraction machine. It is easier to make paint spills worse by trying to wash out the paint with a hosepipe or pressure washer. If you are going to attempt this, make sure paint covered items are first removed from the car.

How do you get paint off a car?

If paint has been splattered on the outside of your car, overspray from somebody painting a fence or something nearby, we also have a service for that. Please see our fallout removal page, or our article, How to get paint off a car.

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