Car Water Leak Diagnosis

Car Water Leak Diagnosis

If you have rain water ingress in your car, that you need repaired, but not sure where the water is coming from, our diagnosis service will find it, so we can fix it.

Diagnosing leaks is often a very complicated business, even if you think you have found the problem, so we aim to make it as clear as possible for our customers.

Diagnosis service includes:-

  • UVL Wet Thermo-Fogging using anti-microbial - because mould tends to grow inside wet cars. Surface treatment making the vehicle safe for us to work on and for you to drive away in.
  • Leak Detection - Locating the source of the problem using the following techniques: 28 Point Health Check to find all common issues, windscreen check, Fog, Coloured Ink, Sonic Sensors, Moisture Sensors and/or Micro-Cameras.
  • Video Report - Taken to document our findings and detail our recommendations. This is emailed/ texted directly to you.
  • Free Estimate - Providing you with our breakdown on repairing and drying your vehicle where possible.

Water Leak Diagnosis Service & Repair Prices:

Water Leak Diagnosis Price
UVL anti-microbial fogging - prevents/kills mould and mildew, worth £60.  
Video Report - walk-through showing leak and explaining the estimate.  
Detailed Written Estimate*
Based on approx. 2 hrs standard diagnostic service for straight forward vehicles.
Including VAT

* Addition diagnostic labour needs to be charged at our standard hourly rate for vehicles that have been involved in accidents and/ or need panels & DIY sealant removed etc. in order to locate the problem. In incidences where the dealership needs involvement (for example, removing the dashboard to locate the problem), we will liaise with the costumer regarding any additional costs.

Leak Repairs Hourly Rate
Repairs are priced per estimate following our diagnostic service. Repair work is carried out at our standard hourly labour rate plus cost of parts and materials. All our repairs are guaranteed for one year, new replacement parts are guaranteed for three years.
We will provide you with a PDF report, with photos, detailing the work done.
Including VAT

logoClair Spencer 
Fantastic service and really fair, transparent pricing. Had to drive 2 hours to get there, but it was worth it. They managed to quickly diagnose a leak that 2 garages had failed to find. Would definitely recommend.


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What happens next?

Fixing Water Leaks

Had your diagnosis? The next stage is to repair.

Usually, our customers like to go straight ahead with repairs following on from their reports, but we understand it may be a lot to digest. We have a 2-hour grace period before we have to move onto other jobs, so we really appreciate your efforts to check the report and consent to repairs before this happens.

We aim to get you back on the road as quickly as possible with minimum fuss, but occasionally, we may need to be in touch if your vehicle needs recourse through your windscreen or insurance company to fix the repair. We'll keep you updated.

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"We can offer specialist advice on the best Car Water Leak Diagnosis service to suit your requirements"

When bringing your car to New Again, we often ask you to explain exactly the reason for having your car Protected, Detailed or Repaired. Once we understand exactly what it is you are trying to achieve, we will appraise your vehicle using our detailed appraisal check-sheet allowing us to identify areas of concern and tailor specific services that match your requirements and budget.

If you are not sure what service you need and would like to speak to one of our technicians, simply request a callback by filling in the form on our contact page.