Diamas Professionali - Diamond Coating

Diamas Professionali - Diamond Coating

With superb additional strength over normal ceramic coatings, and amazing optical refraction, your car will sparkle.

Diamas Professionali is the world's first diamond infused ceramic coating, containing nano-rods made from aggregate diamonds, strengthening the ceramic coating to give a combined strength greater than the diamond it's self.

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Diamas Professionali is a ceramic coating like no other, it contains Advanced Diamond Nanorods (ADNR).

We don't want you thinking this is just crushed up aggregated diamonds sprinkled into the ceramic coating because that sounds like a gimmick, and probably would be! Advanced Diamond Nanorods are created by compressing carbon-60 molecules at 200,000 atmospheres while heating them to 2500 Kelvin. The results are crystal rods which are a micron long, 3-4n diameter on the nano scale and harder than natural diamond.

These diamond nano-rods act like the glass-fibre in fibreglass, or like rebar in steel reinforced concrete, performing like anchors for the ceramic resin, strengthening it and forming a more stable barrier.

But what are the benefits to you?

Diamas Professionali has been on the market for six years and is a proven technology, so you can have confidence in its exceptional durability which helps to resist scratches and wash-marks.

Water will bead up and roll off this coating, taking dirt with it. Your car will stay cleaner for longer, and you will likely only have to clean it half as often. When you do, it will be easy to clean, in fact, a strong rain may well wash most of the dirt off. This phenomenon has led some people to describe these coatings as self-cleaning. 

Less washing means more time for you, and less wear and tear on the car. Your car will remain looking newer for longer, helping it to retain its value. You'll get more money when it comes time to sell, but as we always say, the real benefit from coatings comes from having a car that looks like new the whole time you own it.

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The future of surface protection

Siramik Glasscoat® was founded in 2013 to bring to market the latest in paint protection technology. 

Why do we at New Again love these products?
We were first impressed with Siramik because their ceramic coating really does harden like glass. When left to harden in the bottle, some products form a powdery crystal residue, but Siramik does what we expect a "glass coat" to do, which is form into a hard, clear sheet.  This is what we want to see, and it also gives us something to test

In addition to this, Siramik seeks out innovation, the latest chemical technologies, and provides speciality coatings. As well as this diamond coating, Siramik provides a superb graphene coating and coatings for matte finishes. 

Nano-Coatings are literally like giving your car a microscopic coating of glass, leaving the finish tough and incredibly shiny. If you want to find out all about them, please see our Definitive Guide to Ceramic Coatings

Diamond-Ceramic Coating

Siramik's Diamas Professionali diamond coating uses innovative nano-technology to bring you these superb features.

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HYDROPHOBICITY - with a sliding angle as low as 10 degrees, water just doesn't want to stick to your car. It will bead up and roll off. 

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HIGH REFRACTIVE INDEX - Light doesn't pass directly through diamonds, it bounces around, scattering light and catching those metallic flecks, meaning your car will sparkle. 

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HIGH DURABILITY - Reinforced by diamonds, Diamas is the strongest ceramic coating on the market. Conservative estimates place durability at 5–7 years. 

New Car Paint Protection

We highly recommend that you protect your new car with a speciality coating while the paintwork is new and highly polished. We have two sets of prices, one for new cars under 400 miles and one for cars 2–3 years old as they will require our two - stage polish, or for cars older cars, we have a four - stage machine polishing system. 

New Vehicle Prices

For new cars with less than 400 miles. Price includes car exterior detailed, panel preparation, and Diamas Diamond Coating.

  Vehicle Size Diamas 
Small £1020
Medium/Small Sports £1092
Executive/Sport £1284
Large Sport/Large Exc/Small 4x4 £1476
XL exec/ People Carrier/4x4 £1620
XXL Luxury/Commercial £1764


Used Vehicle Prices

For used cars 2–3 years old. Price includes double machine polish, clay bar decontamination, exterior detail, panel preparation, and Diamas Diamond Coating.

Additional Machine Polishing Scratch Removal Paintwork Correction

  Vehicle Size Diamas 
Small £1206
Medium/Small Sports £1293
Executive/Sport £1500
Large Sport/Large Exc/Small 4x4 £1770
XL exec/ People Carrier/4x4 £1998
XXL Luxury/Commercial £2039


Additional Nano-Coating Prices

Matrix Recharge £120
All Vehicle Glass £120
Wheels & Exhaust High Temperature Nano-Coating £120
BugFlex £120
Leather Interior Nano-Protection £120
Fabric Interior Hydrophobic protection £120
Hood Hydrophobic Nano-Protection £240

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