Fireball Ceramic Coatings

파이어볼입니다 - The latest in nano-technology from South Korea, Fireball is a world leader in ceramic glass coatings.

5-7 Year Ceramic Sealants : Fireball is a modern ceramic coating range, in which the production uses innovative nanotechnologies to bond a layer of ceramic glass nano-beads to your car's paint, making it resistant to scratches. Fireball boasts 90% ceramic content, making it the most pure ceramic coating in the world.

Fireball Ceramic coating 파이어볼입니다

Ceramic Coating offers much more than traditional waxes, polishes and acrylic sealants. Ceramic sealant protection is a durable product applied to the prepared surface which results in the creation of an additional 'nano-coating' giving a much greater hardness, gloss and hydrophobicity.

Firreball Ceramic Coating on an Aston-Martin DBS
Good enough for an Aston-Martin DBS Superleggera  [See more]

The ceramic coating is a hard resin which contain even harder ceramic nano-beads which for a glass like shell over your paintwork. These coatings perfectly protect the paint from micro-scratches and possess unique properties of hydrophobicity  (water repellent) and self-cleaning - the surface of your car is so smooth, the dirt literally has nothing to cling to. 

Fireball also provides a very good protection against UV rays, environmental pollution and acid rain. In addition to protection, Fireball brings out the depth of colour to give a beautiful shine and smoothness to the treated surface.


  • Ceramic coatings keep your car looking new, helping to maintain its value
  • Fireball protects against scratches and pollutants
  • Easier cleaning. Dirt can't stick, it just falls off.
  • Wash your car less often, your car stays cleaner for longer.
Ford Edge with Fireball Butterfly 5 year Ceramic Coating Paint Protection.

The Fireball Range

Fireball offers five different paint sealants, sealants for glass, leather, wheels and fabric hoods, as well as a full range of aftercare products.  New Again have chosen to bring you the very best of the crop with their 5 year and 7 year paint sealant packages. 

Fireball Butterfly Ceramic Sealant 나비


Butterfly is a premium product offering superb hardness, durability and shine. Your car will stay cleaner for longer because the silica ceramic surface rejects dirt, leading many to call these coatings, "self-cleaning". Glass-hard, it resists scratches and enhances light reflection and colour saturation.

Fireball Dok Do Ceramic Coating 독도


Dok Do is a ceramic super coating' designed for the connoisseurs of the automotive, marine and aviation world. The incredible scratch resistance along with the depth of the gloss, shine and paint colour enhancement makes this coating a world-class product.

*The manufacture advertises Butterfly as a 7-year sealant and Dok Do as a 10-year sealant. Through our 35-year experience with paint sealants, we have little doubt of these claims. However, these products are the latest in chemical technology and haven't been on the market that long, so we haven't had a chance to 'see it without own eyes'. Therefore, New Again provides a 5-year guarantee on Butterfly and 7 year Guarantee on Dok Do. 

New Car Paint Protection

Car paint sealants are best applied when the car is brand new, before it can collect any wash marks and micro scratches. This of course means we have to do less polishing and preparation and this is reflected in the prices. We have two price menus, one for new cars under 400 miles, and one for cars which are 2-3 years old and will at least require out two stage polishing system. We can manage older cars too, with our four state machine polish. 

New Vehicle Prices

For new cars with less than 400miles. Price includes car exterior detailed, panel preparation, and two coats of Fireball.

Fireball Butterfly Ceramic Sealant 나비
Dok Do
Fireball Dok Do Ceramic Coating 독도
Small £550 £700
Medium/Small Sports £615 £760
Executive/Sport £673 £820
Large Sport/Large Exc/Small 4x4 £733 £880
XL exec/ People Carrier/4x4 £825 £1000
XXL Luxury/Commercial £917 £1120


Used Vehicle Prices

For used cars 2-3 years old. Price includes double machine polish, clay bar decontamination, exterior detail, panel preparation, and two coats of Fireball.

Fireball Butterfly 나비
Dok Do
Fireball Dok Do 독도
Small £662 £855
Medium/Small Sports £723 £927
Executive/Sport £787 £1000
Large Sport/Large Exc/Small 4x4 £855 £1075
XL exec/ People Carrier/4x4 £1007 £1315
XXL Luxury/Commercial £1057 £1349


Additional Nano-Coating Prices

Leather Interior Nano-Protection £120
Fabric Interior Hydrophobic protection £120
All Vehicle Glass £120
Wheels & Exhaust High Temperature Nano-Coating £120
Hood Hydrophobic Nano-Protection £240

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