Headlight Polishing

Headlight Polishing

For cloudy or hazy plastic headlights, we can restore them with our six stage polishing system.

Restoring your car's headlights, polishing them, so they look brand new, can really work wonders for your car's appearance. We highly recommend headlight polishing for a finishing touch, not just to address safety issues.

Some vehicles with sealed plastic headlight units do seem to suffer with the problem going cloudy or frosty, caused by washing, pollution and the sun's UV radiation. This is unsightly, but it  also reduces nighttime visibility, meaning that milky headlamps could cause your car to fail the MOT test. As a replacement headlight unit can cost as much as £900, refurbishing them is a much less painful solution.

headlight beforeHeadlight after polishing.


Lights on headlight frostedHeadlight after polishing lights on.


Headlight before.Headlight after.


We have a system which consists of wet-sanding off the tarnished surface and then refinishing the plastic lens by machine polishing it to a high sheen. In addition, we apply a coating of ceramic Sealant to provide protection from UV light and help to prevent future deterioration. The full 6 stage system can renew even them most cloudy lights, and for those that are not quite so hazy, we can polish them with just three stages.    

Headlight Polishing Pair Single
6 Stage Polishing System £195.00   £119.95
We can polish a single headlight if you have a scratched one, or have bought a replacement light, and you want the old one to look just as new.
Yes, we can also polish the back-lights too.

On rare occasions, we might need to remove a headlight or remove trim in order to gain access to the whole lens. See our hourly rate.

Hourly Rate  
Dismantling/Fitting £95.00 per hour
logoBrian Mills 
The result was amazing, better than new!! And yes, passed the MOT.


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