New Car Detailing

New Car Detailing

A complete range of detail services for brand-new cars, providing protection for all vulnerable surfaces inside and out.

The best time to detail your car is right at the very beginning, straight from the dealership. Prepare your car for a life on the road, and minimize stone chips, build up on wheels, stains on seats and scuffs on leather.

Here's why you should detail a new car...

Your new car may have been on a train, or boat, parked for weeks at a dockyard or besides a railway line in an industrial park. It's possible that it has already collected rusty rail dust or industrial fallout.  It has been hurriedly washed a few times, along with dozens of other cars, by somebody on minimum wage.

Have you considered that your new car has already had a tough life? 

We can decontaminate your paintwork and polish it, making it better than new. The paintwork on your car is raw, straight from the spray gun, and it's surface when seen under a microscope is rough, pitted and porous. Polishing a brand-new car makes a dramatic difference, not only making it shinier, but also creating a smooth surface which is easier to keep clean.  However, it is still a new car, so there is less work for us to do, so it costs you less.

New Car Paint Protection

With your paintwork cleaned of all contaminants and machine polished to a high sheen, you will need some protection. All cars need protection for their paintwork, with the minimum of a coat of wax every few months.

We would recommend a polymer, ceramic or graphene coating, which are longer lasting, durable and require minimal maintenance. While these coatings do help protect against wash marks, stone chips and bug splatter, the greatest benefit is that they repel dirt and water, your car stays cleaner for much longer, so you have to do less work to keep it clean.

We have a full range of ceramic and graphene coatings.

Protect against bugs and stone chips

Stains from bug splatter and small stone chips are hard to protect against, especially if you are doing lots of motorway miles. These blemishes quickly age your car, spoiling its appearance, and are difficult to rectify.

When you have a ceramic or graphene coating with us, you have the option to choose additional protection in the form of Helios Shield, a thick and flexible, yet invisible coating which absorbs impacts and resists corrosive splatter, greatly reducing the effects of road rash.

Helios Shield is just £120 when purchased with one of our ceramic coatings.

Alloy Wheel Coatings

Your wheels receive more punishment than anything else on the rest of the car. They are closest to the road, subject to traffic film and road salts, and every time you touch the brakes, they are showered with hot brake dust containing iron particles which then corrodes forming black stains which can only be removed with corrosive chemicals. 

High temperature anti-static, wheel coatings, help prevent metal particles from sticking to your wheel and are resistant to the acids created when brake dust oxidizes. They create a hard, glossy ceramic shell over your alloy wheels that prevents build-ups of grime and keeps them looking new.

Alloy wheel coatings are just £120 when purchased with any of our exterior coatings.

Keep your interior looking new

There is a lot we can do using techniques like paint correction, to restore the exterior of a car when it receives minor damage, but it can be far more difficult to deal with interiors. Stains on seats can be almost impossible to remove, damage to plastic trim and leather can be relatively expensive. Repairs often require highly skilled and specialized technicians, and so although damage might be minor, the cheapest repair option is replacement parts.

Protective coatings can help prevent stains and minor damage, and are worth considering if you have children and animals.

Leather Protection Coatings

Our friction resistant coating helps prevent wear on bolsters and seat edges, and is tough enough to resist snagging and laddering. It will also seal the surface of the leather, preventing staining from jeans and clothing, and preventing discolouration from oils in your skin. As a bonus, it's also anti-bacterial, so it will cut down on odours.

Leather protection coatings are highly recommended on light coloured leather, but provides protection for all leather and vinyl.

Leather is lovely, but it's also delicate. If you have leather upholstery, we suggest you consider that hair gel and sun tan lotion can permanently stain it. Buckles on kids shoes and dog's claws can damage it, as can decoration on jeans, metal fittings on briefcases and handbags. Protective coatings will help, but it may be worth buying a seat cover for your dog and banishing anything with edges and corners to the boot.

Carpet and Fabric Protection

Our fabric protector invisibly coats the fibres of seats and carpet, creating a hydrophobic barrier which prevents stains and makes your seats easier to clean. It's highly recommended for light coloured carpets on luxury cars to prevent discolouration, but will also save you from spillages and make it that much easier to clean up after pets and children.

It is non-toxic and safe to use around young children and if you have child seats, we'll even do those too. 

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When bringing your car to New Again, we often ask you to explain exactly the reason for having your car Protected, Detailed or Repaired. Once we understand exactly what it is you are trying to achieve, we will appraise your vehicle using our detailed appraisal check-sheet allowing us to identify areas of concern and tailor specific services that match your requirements and budget.

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