Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair

Why have panels repainted to remove small dents in body panels? Our highly skilled technicians and massage dents out of your cars, it's quick, clean and cost-effective.

"Damage devalues your car by up to three times the cost of repair" Dents can affect the value of your car by as much as £250 per panel. We can help advise you as to which dents detract most from the value of your car.

Low Cost Repair For Minor Bodywork Dents

Our paintless dent removal service takes skills pioneered in the motor trade to remove small dents and dings from your car body panels - without the need for filling and painting.

This is a great solution, especially on prestige cars such as Porsche and BMW, where one small dent can devalue the car by many hundreds of pounds. Not only is Paintless Dent repair far quicker, it means huge savings and can work out up to 70% cheaper than a body shop repair.

Perfect for storm damage, hail stone dents, dings in the supermarket car park, wheelie bin dents, golf ball accidents and wind damage. Many dents can be removed completely, while with some dents it is possible to improve them to the point where they are far less noticeable, meaning you can avoid the cost of repainting the panel.

How we remove dents without filling or repainting.

Using metal levers to massage out dents from behind body panels, sometimes called 'cold metal repair', paintless dent removal is a highly skilled task that requires many years of training to perfect. Because the dent is pushed out, there is no need for filling or repainting, you keep your original paintwork finish. Although the procedure can't be used on large metal dents with a broken paint surface, (see our scuff repair page, scratch repair page and Dents on Plastic Bumpers), the results of paintless repair to smaller dings are truly amazing.

Go Direct!

New Again brings a wide range of services together under one roof, offering an easy one-stop-shop to make your car like new again. If, however, you only have one or two small repairs, you could go direct to our trusted contractors... just don't forget to tell them we sent you!

Paul ~ Dr Ding
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07904 893 868


Scott ~ Dent Devils
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Chris ~ Door-to-Door Dents
Cambs, Essex & Herts
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Ian ~ Dent Devils
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Lee ~ Dent Correction
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Darren ~ Fix-my-Dent
Suffolk and Essex
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Great Value Prices on Paintless Dent Removal

...and we will not charge for dents we are unable to repair:

Sizes Prices
First Small Dent (up to the size of a fifty pence coin) £80.00
First Medium Dent (up to the size of a plum) £93.00 - £120.00
First Larger Dent (the size of an orange or larger) £106.00 - £159.00
Subsequent dents on different panel (up to size of 50p coin) £27.00 Discounted
Subsequent dent on same panel (up to size of 50p coin) £53.00 Discounted
First Dent in roof: Requiring Dropping the Headlining - Discounts Still Apply! £106.00 - £212.00
Dents in roofs requiring headlining/windscreen removal P.O.A.
Punching/sealing (very rarely needed) £9.17


  • If you have more than 8 small dents or a few tiny ones, you could get a few for free.
  • Not all dents can be done - they depend on accessibility.
  • For Hail Damage, please ask for a quotation.

Fast, Two-Hour Service!

We make it easy, just send us a photo, we will then tell if we can do it or not. Then just call us to book in. Then at your appointment time, drop the car off and collect it car a couple of hours later. Meanwhile, you can take a walk into town, have some lunch and do some shopping, or if you have things to do, you are welcome to leave your car with us all day.

Why use us for Dent Removal?

  • Proper workshop facilities, no cancellations for rain, no waiting in. We take all card payments
  • We choose the very top dent technicians, ensuring that you only get the best in the business.
  • Our Fair Pricing Policy means you'll always get great value for money.

Money-Back Guarantee

Some dents are difficult to remove - and we may not be able to remove them completely. But we do aim for 100%. If we are unable to make an 80% improvement, then we will not charge you. If we can make an 80-95% improvement, but you feel that you just can't live with the imperfection, and need a full body shop repair and paint, then we will give your money back - all you have to do is show us proof that you had a body shop repair within 30 days, and we will give you a full refund. All New Again repairs are guaranteed for a maximum period of three years.

What Our Customers Say

Below are a selection of comments from some of our satisfied customers.

New Again

Can We Help You?

"We can offer specialist advice on the best Paintless Dent Repair service to suit your requirements"

When bringing your car to New Again, we often ask you to explain exactly the reason for having your car Protected, Detailed or Repaired. Once we understand exactly what it is you are trying to achieve, we will appraise your vehicle using our detailed appraisal check-sheet allowing us to identify areas of concern and tailor specific services that match your requirements and budget.

If you are not sure what service you need and would like to speak to one of our technicians, simply request a callback by filling in the form on our contact page.