Polymer Paint Sealants

Polymer Paint Sealants

Paint sealants extend the life of your paintwork by protecting it from UV radiation, road salts, industrial fallout, etching, acid rain and just about anything else which is harmful

There are so many things that can destroy your cars paintwork and by not applying a Paint Protection Sealant is commiting resale suicide as most cars are now purchased almost solely on cosmetic appearance, especially when you consider that cars today are mechanically reliable and serviced regularly.

How Do Paint Protection Sealants Work?

If you look at your paintwork under a microscope you will see that the paint surface isn't smooth, it is full of holes and looks much like a sponge, meaning every time it rains the average car will soak up over a pint of water.
The environment is also full of chemicals which are harmful to any vehicle's paintwork unless protected. These are commonly the road salts which are used in winter to corrosive and oxidizing compounds which are generally deposited by rain.
Sealing these porous holes with polymers and other plastics protects and strengthens the paintwork, which can also gives you some degree of protection against stone chips and minor scratches.

There are many brands on the market, including Supagard, Max Protect, LifeShine and Diamondbrite. Below, we have set out some differences and variations between the application and effectiveness of the current brands on the market.

  • Some are single application one-off treatments.
  • Some are two stage applications which require you to wash with an additive.
  • Some require multiple coats which 'build layers' but each coat takes many months to cure.
  • Some have special ingredients such as Teflon which give extra resistance against corrosive compounds.
  • Alternatively, Ceramic and Nano Sealant technology is now accessible to the car owner, offering 5 year plus protection.

Each product has its place within the paint protection market, but the effectiveness of them may require a certain amount of commitment on the part of the car owner.
Fortunately, we do stock a wide range of paint protection, so we can help you can choose the best and most appropriate paint sealant for your vehicle

Fireball Super Hydrophobic Nano-Coating
Fireball Super Hydrophobic is a superb nano-coating from South Korea. It has a shine so slick that water can't stick to it. Using Next Generation Nano-Technology, it's our current polymer coating of choice.


How Are Paint Sealants Applied To Your Car.

Paint sealant technology is continually evolving so at New Again we are continually testing and evaluating new products, new brands and new technologies as they come onto the market allowing us to offer you the very best products at  competitive prices.

It is our opinion based on years of experience that the application of paint protection sealants should be executed by a qualified or industry trained technician, so if you are considering applying paint protection products yourself, we would recommend against it.

Firstly - Some paint sealants contain hazardous substances and chemicals, so it highly important that correct safety equipment and clothing is used.
Secondly - The preparation of the paintwork is very important, the removal of existing oils, waxes and environmental contaminates must be removed or else there is possibility that applied sealant may break down.
Thirdly - If the application is not carried out correctly it could create surface paint damage including scratches, swirls and streaks which will then cause additional repair work and potentially difficult to move.

In our opinion protecting your car’s paint should be an absolute consideration especially when dealing with a specialized paintwork technician.
Although regular waxing will protect your car’s appearance, can you really commit to caring for paintwork yourself ?
If not, then we recommend having a car paint protection sealant which will keep your car’s appearance looking better for longer, especially if your car is new or within the first year of purchase.


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