Professional Car Odour Removal

Professional Car Odour Removal

Do you have a car that has been smoked in? Does it have a distinctly doggy odour? We can remove the smell of damp, mould, pets, cigarettes and make your car smell fresh and new again.

We have over 35 years experience in removing stubborn car smells and have worked with all the major car insurance companies to provide an expert car odour removal service which they can rely on.

Professional Odour Removal

We can remove persistent smells because we understand the problem. Usually the smell has a single source, if you can locate the source and remove it, you will often have removed 90% of the problem in one go.

Odours are very tricky to remove because although we might kill the bacteria, unless we completely remove the source of the smell, they are likely to return. (This is probably why spraying around your favourite air freshener didn't work as advertised.) Things become more difficult if you have just bought the can and don't know where the spillage was.

We can locate and remove the source of the odour, and then we have a wide range of products which eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke, pets, damp, mould, mildew, food and drink, including milk and other unsavoury substances.

Some cars can be more difficult than others, depending on if the source is localized or if contamination has spread throughout the entire car. Please watch the video to learn more.

Odour Removal Services - Prices

Local Area Clean - Savoury £95.00 per hour
Local Area Clean - Unsavoury/Unsafe £120.00 per hour
Specialist Products & Materials* £15.00 per hour
Ozone Treatment + Ionizing + UV £80.00
Pairing Thermo Fog £80.00
Pairing Thermo Fog + Bio-Active or Antimicrobial £130.80
Double Fog + Bio-Active or Antimicrobial + Targeted Injections £222.00
3X Fog + Bio-Active or Antimicrobial + Targeted Injections £333.00
4X Fog + Bio-Active or Antimicrobial + Targeted Injections £444.00
The Last Resort Package £826.68
Hourly rate for removal, refitting of seats, carpets etc. £95.00 per hour

*For specialist machines and products such solvents and enzymes. Normal materials/sundries are included in the hourly rate, e.g. detergents

Upgrade and only pay the difference

We try to recommend the correct service for every problem. However, odours can be very difficult to deal with, but don't worry, if the service you choose doesn't succeed you can upgrade to the next, and you only pay the difference.

Put an Odour in Your Car

Some services above leave your car with the odour of our cleaning products, and while they are designed to be pleasant and fresh, you may prefer the odour of your choice.

Autosmart Aromatek Machine
Lemon - Orchard- vanilla
Smell of Leather (Odour Blocks)
Guaranteed to last a minimum of 1 year
Leather odour blocks are attached under seats - Leather fragrance is introduced into air vents - Aromatek Leather
logoSunil Patel 
It's made all the difference, no wafting or musty smells any more. Cant recommend highly enough, and can breathe easy again.


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Odour Removal FAQ

We have an article with a full FAQ about car odours which answers all your questions.

What do you do that's different to the other companies I have tried?

What makes us different is that we are professionally trained for odours. Many car valeting companies will shampoo your seats and carpets, then put an odour bomb in your car that they got from their valeting supplier. While this can work, it's a limited arsenal.
The equipment we use is the same as would be used by specialists who are cleaning houses, hotels and hospitals after fires, floods and other mishaps. We have spent years cleaning up accidents and odours for insurance companies including hazardous materials, and have had to learn to deal with everything from fuel spills to black mould. 

My car just smells 'off', will a good clean freshen it up?

A good clean is usually the best start for removing smells from a car because if you don't get rid of the dirt, you can't get rid of the smells. Disinfecting and deodorizing your car will typically get rid of stale mild odours, with the added benefit of making it safe. Our treatments kill 99% of germs. 

I am sensitive to some cleaning products, is there anything you can do?

This can tie our hands a little, but we can try to work with you. UV, Ionizing and Ozone don't use any chemicals, enzymes may be safe to use, and there are some natural products that are effective such as Sodium bicarbonate.

The previous owner left a smell of body odour, can you get it out of my seats?

We can do a lot to remove odours like this, persistent smells in leather can be difficult, but anti-microbial and pairing fog should do the trick.

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When bringing your car to New Again, we often ask you to explain exactly the reason for having your car Protected, Detailed or Repaired. Once we understand exactly what it is you are trying to achieve, we will appraise your vehicle using our detailed appraisal check-sheet allowing us to identify areas of concern and tailor specific services that match your requirements and budget.

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