Same Day Midi Repair

Same Day Midi Repair

For damage that is too much for a smart repair, but doesn't need an insurance claim.

A quick and easy repair solution for scuffs, scratches and minor collision damage.

Sometimes a Small Area Repair is just not suitable or appropriate and a repair needs to be done at a bodyshop. If you are having other work done with us, we will arrange this and have it done for you.

Go Direct!

If you only want this repair done, we recommend you go direct and take advantage of Kraftwork's Same Day Midi Repair Service.

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We recommend Midi repairs for damage which is a little too much for Smart Repairs to handle, usually because the damage is in an area where smart repair isn't suitable, and so a larger area needs to be repainted.

It is also ideal for repairs that don't warrant an insurance claim and come under or slightly above your insurance excess. 

Midi repairs are quick and cost effective, yet are done using all the same facilities and materials that are used with a full bodyshop repair and carry the same three-year Guarantee.

New Again

Can We Help You?

"We can offer specialist advice on the best Same Day Midi Repair service to suit your requirements"

When bringing your car to New Again, we often ask you to explain exactly the reason for having your car Protected, Detailed or Repaired. Once we understand exactly what it is you are trying to achieve, we will appraise your vehicle using our detailed appraisal check-sheet allowing us to identify areas of concern and tailor specific services that match your requirements and budget.

If you are not sure what service you need and would like to speak to one of our technicians, simply request a callback by filling in the form on our contact page.