Scratch Repair & Removal

Scratch Repair & Removal

A cheaper alternative to repair-and-repaint, it is often possible to polish the scratched area, either removing it completely or reducing it greatly.

If you have just noticed a scratch on your car, then we will have a way to repair it. Quite often we find that some scratches are more serious than others, which means that we use many different methods for removing them, from simply polishing them out to a bodywork respray service.

Polishing Out Scratches / Wet Sanding

Light scratches that have only just scored the clear coat can be polished out using our paintwork correction service. Paintwork correction is ideal for repairing those light scratches your car receives through washing and which are visible in the sunlight on a bright day.

Your car can receive more prominent types of scratches, which you may get from bushes that overhang in your driveway or from a dog jumping up at your car door. These types of scratches are often broad but not deep, and usually machine polishing these scratches is often enough to remove them and is very cost-effective. On some occasions, a scratch cannot be removed by this method, although it can be highly reduced where the scratch is far less noticeable -- the shallower ends may disappear reducing the length of the scratch and the remainder are softened.

For those more serious scratches which has not penetrated the paintworks 'clear coat' (otherwise known as lacquer) we can still polish out the scratches using a technique known as wet sanding. If we were just to machine polish the scratches we would end up with ridges in the paintwork and although the panels would be highly polished you would still see a rippled surface when viewed from certain angles. The answer is to lower the paint surface by sanding quite a large area down with very fine emery paper and then buffing it to a high gloss again. This skilled technique is highly effective for removing scratches and etching from bird droppings.

You can see more about  Wet Sanding in this video.
For more detailed information about machine polishing and car paint restoration, visit our Machine Polishing page.

Scratch Repair/Scratch Removal/Buffing Price
First 14" area scratch (Football size) £50.00
Second 14" scratch area £35.00
First Whole Body Panel (Door or Wing) £99.50
First Large Panel (Bonnet or Roof) £149.00
Whole Car + Detailing £500 -- £800

Cosmetic Repair

Some scratches are too deep to buff out with a machine polisher, so the only way to get a perfect repair would be to repaint the panel. However, a cosmetic repair can be a suitable compromise.

Scratches are not always even in depth. It's often the case that a scratch barely marks the "clear coat lacquer" at one end, but has penetrated through to the primer at the other end. In instances like this, it is often possible to completely remove a large portion of the scratch whilst another portion has been greatly reduced, leaving just a very small area of broken paintwork. In our experience, the majority of people would decide that the remaining damage would not warrant the expenditure of repainting the whole panel, in which case touching/filling in with paint is a welcome alternative.

It's frequently the case that scratches appear low down on the car's sills and valances, and although the scratches are quite serious, you have to either be on your hands and knees or standing quite far from the car to actually see them. Generally, in instances like this, a cosmetic repair is often a suitable fix.

  • First Single Panel Repair 14" (Football Size) ---- £50.00
  • Second Panel Repair 14" (Football Size) ---- £33.00
    *Price excludes the cost of paint.
    *Exact match £19.80.
    *Close match £6.59.
    *Free with a Smart Repair of if you bring your own paint.

For more detailed information, visit our Cosmetic Repair Service page.

Money-Back Guarantee

We can't guarantee that we can remove all scratches -- in fact, we will typically tell you beforehand that we may only be able to make an improvement.
What we can guarantee is that you will be satisfied with the results. So before you decide to have the panel of your car resprayed, you may want to consider contacting us first.
If you are unsatisfied with the results, you could then upgrade to have it repaired at a car body shop, and we will refund your money upon proof of purchase.
All New Again repairs are guaranteed for a maximum period of three years.

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When bringing your car to New Again, we often ask you to explain exactly the reason for having your car Protected, Detailed or Repaired. Once we understand exactly what it is you are trying to achieve, we will appraise your vehicle using our detailed appraisal check-sheet allowing us to identify areas of concern and tailor specific services that match your requirements and budget.

If you are not sure what service you need and would like to speak to one of our technicians, simply request a callback by filling in the form on our contact page.