SiRamik Lustrous Graphene Coating

SiRamik Lustrous Graphene Coating

Unrivalled protection. Lustrous contains graphene bonded sheet, two hundred times stronger than steel.

Offering all the advantages of a ceramic coating, but better. Graphene is a wonder material isolated here in the UK in 2004, winning its discoverers the Nobel Prize. It's said that Graphene will change the world, its applications are only limited by our imagination.

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Like Ceramic, graphene has a molecular structure which allows it to form strong covalent bonds, two hundred times stronger than steel, graphene is currently the strongest material known to man. And yet, its structure makes it highly flexible.  Its lattice is completely impermeable, not letting any other substance through, making it highly chemical resistant. It's transparent, lightweight, and hydrophobic. It's highly conductive properties allow it to dissipate heat and static electric charge.

While some other products contain small amounts of graphene-oxide, Lustrous is packed with true, graphene bonded sheet which is only one atom thick.  Lustrous is a dedicated graphene coating and siloxane resins with branched chain compounds, not a ceramic coating infused with graphene.

But what are the benefits to you?

Like our other coatings, Lustrous Graphene Coating makes your car stay cleaner for longer. You will have to wash it less, saving you time and effort and causing less wear and tear on your car.

It creates a strong protective barrier, slowing the signs of ageing, meaning your car will look newer for longer, which in turn means in retains its value.

Last, but not least, your car will look stunning. The particular optical properties of graphene mean that it seems to have the effect of deepening darker colours and highlighting metallic fleck, and with its atomic thin super, slick surface, the shine is astounding. 

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The future of surface protection

Siramik Glasscoat® was founded in 2013 to bring to market the latest in paint protection technology. 

Why do we at New Again love these products?
We were first impressed with Siramik because their ceramic coating really does harden like glass. When left to harden in the bottle, some products form a powdery crystal residue, but Siramik does what we expect a "glass coat" to do, which is form into a hard, clear sheet.  This is what we want to see, and it also gives us something to test

In addition to this, Siramik seeks out innovation, the latest chemical technologies, and provides speciality coatings. As well as graphene coatings, Siramik provides a unique diamond coating and coatings for matte finishes.  

Graphene Coating

Siramik's Lustrous graphene coating uses the latest generation nano-technology to deliver this wonder-material in a superb protective coating.

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HYDROPHOBICITY - Graphene coatings have a 'high water contact angle', making them super-hydrophobic. If you are a fan of seeing water bead up and roll off your car, you'll love Lustrous Graphene Coating.

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HEAT-RESISTANT - Graphene is very resistant to heat. What this means in real terms is that it helps reduce heat related problems such as water spotting and baked on bird mess. 

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ANTI-STATIC - Cars attract dust because they build up a static charge, a graphene coating helps prevent this, helping your car stay cleaner for longer.

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HIGH DURABILITY - Graphene forms a slightly flexible coating, making it more resilient to wear and tear. Conservative estimates place durability at 5-10 years. 

New Car Paint Protection

We highly recommend that you protect your new car with a speciality coating while the paintwork is new and highly polished. We have two sets of prices, one for new cars under 400 miles and one for cars 2-3 years old as they will require our two stage polish, or for cars older cars, we have a four stage machine polishing system. Take a look at some of the cars we have already coated with Lustrous Graphene Coating.

New Vehicle Prices

For new cars with less than 400 miles. Price includes car exterior detailed, panel preparation, and Lustrous Graphene Coating.

  Vehicle Size Lustrous
Small £1000
Medium/Small Sports £1060
Executive/Sport £1220
Large Sport/Large Exc/Small 4x4 £1280
XL exec/ People Carrier/4x4 £1500
XXL Luxury/Commercial £1620


Used Vehicle Prices

For used cars 2-3 years old. Price includes double machine polish, clay bar decontamination, exterior detail, panel preparation, and Lustrous Graphene Coating.

Additional Machine Polishing Scratch Removal Paintwork Correction

  Vehicle Size Lustrous
Small £1155
Medium/Small Sports £1227
Executive/Sport £1400
Large Sport/Large Exc/Small 4x4 £1525
XL exec/ People Carrier/4x4 £1815
XXL Luxury/Commercial £1849


Additional Nano-Coating Prices

Leather Interior Nano-Protection £120
Fabric Interior Hydrophobic protection £120
All Vehicle Glass £120
Wheels & Exhaust High Temperature Nano-Coating £120
Hood Hydrophobic Nano-Protection £240

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How long does Lustrous last?

In all honesty, nobody knows, it's new. We have said it before, all these permanent coatings tend to last far longer than what the manufacturer is willing to guarantee, experience has shown us that. We have seen polymer coatings last 15 years, we expect ceramic coatings to be even more durable, and graphene is practically indestructible. Of course, we aren't coating your car with pure graphene, it has some other chemicals in there to bond it to your car in the form of a resin. But these chemical technologies are tried and tested.

The bottom line is that Siramik give a very, very conservative guarantee of 5 years. We expect you can double that.

I have heard that graphene is bunk?

There has been a lot of hype about graphene, and that has caused a lot of justified scepticism. It's also caused the marketeers to come out in force, making ridiculous claims about products that were rushed to market or are simply snake oil.

There is no secret that every time a new technology comes out such as graphene, many companies will just sprinkle the raw material into a wax and claim it's a graphene coating.  It's a problem with the industry and there is no point in denying it. We, too, were sceptical, and we wouldn't be selling this product if it doesn't work. We have seen the results and they are astounding.

Graphene really is a wonder material with almost magical properties that has potential to revolutionize the world. While we don't make any of these claims about what we are putting on your car, we do suggest that if you are interested in science and technology, to go take a look

Is Graphene better than Ceramic?

 Each coating we sell has different properties, upsides and down slides (this includes cost of the product and difficulty in application). From what we have seen, graphene does have some advantages. We believe it's stronger, flexible and durable, and offers greater chemical resistance. Enough to make a difference? We think so.
One of the features of graphene which we find interesting is the way it seems to deepen colour and enhance metallic fleck.

Will it make my car scratch-proof?

Bear with us here, but we have seen experiments where ceramic microbeads and sheet graphene were added to concrete. You might not think that would make much of a difference, but it significantly changed the nature of the material. While adding ceramic made the concrete stronger, adding graphene significantly made it stronger (while also making it waterproof). In fact, it almost doubled its strength... that's pretty strong!

So when mixed with a glass resin, it's super-tough. However, it is going over paint, which is soft. The truth is, that none of these coatings will make your car scratch proof. "Scratch resistant" is a better term, it will toughen up your paintwork and make it more resistant to scratches. 

Can I wax over the top of a graphene?

You can, but you probably won't need to. If you really want to put something on top for extra shine, we would recommend Lustrous Plus Graphene Spray, which is specifically designed to go over Lustrous Graphene Coating.

Find more frequently asked questions on our knowledge base

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