How To Dry Carpets In A Wet Car


This video is to help those wanting a guide on how to dry wet carpets in cars. This is a Vauxhall Corsa which had a leak around the pedal seal. Sometimes cars have leaks through perished seals, blocked pipes or incorrectly fitted windscreens.

Although you can quite easily repair these problems, you might be left with a car full of water. Water in a car can result in electrical problems, mould and nasty odours so it is important to thoroughly dry and decontaminate the car with anti-bacterial/microbial.

Unless you have one of these small town cars which can have very thin carpets, it is unlikely you can dry your car without removing the door rubbers and tread plates and lifting up the carpets so you can remove any water which has pooled into the foot wells. Lifting up the carpets also lets air circulate while water can drain out of them, otherwise they are just sitting in a puddle. On some cars with thicker carpets, it might even be worth removing the seats, or in some cases, removing the wet carpet from the car completely so you can hang it up to dry. 

If you leave the carpets wet, you will end up with damp problems, there will be condensation on any cold hard surface. The water will help mould and bacteria to grow, it will smell and eventually cause a health hazard. Corrosion to the bodywork and damage to electrical units can become very expensive if not dealt with properly. 

If you would like to know more, please see our Car Leak Services.

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