Aston-Martin DBS | 7 Year Ceramic Coating


This absolutely stunning Aston-Martin DBS came to us for a ceramic coating to help protect it through the many years that he's likely to keep it... we assume. Either way, a ceramic coating will help protect it.

Ceramic Coating on an Aston-Martin DBS
This car looks stunning... if only the sun would come out. But if it doesn't a ceramic coating protects against the British weather.

The car isn't absolutely new and had around two thousand miles on it and had already begun to pick up some wear, there were some stone chips and wash marks which we addressed. We polished the car four times, did a few areas of paintwork correction using wet-sanding, and then coated it with three layers of ceramic sealant.

We also put a coating on the wheels and treated the convertible roof with a hydrophobic nano-coating which lasts two years. 

At New Again, we have a policy that we treat all cars equally and all customers equally. After all, regardless of the badge on the front, they are all metal boxes on wheels with a coat of paint. The process is no different on a DBS or a Datsun. But it has to be said that some cars really are works of art, and working on them is an absolute pleasure as you get to look at this eye-candy all day. Everybody wandered around with a smile on their face that day... especially Gus. 

We actually had two new team members start on Saturday, but I will give special mention to Gus who  came in to take photos and video. He has just taken his options and has chosen Digital Media as a subject and will be coming in on Saturdays to help us with our social media. He took some great photos which can be found on our Facebook page

💯👌Aston Martin DBS with Matrix Black 7-year ceramic coating. Nearly new car, paintwork not up to par so we machine...

Posted by New Again Ltd on Monday, 3 May 2021

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